Welcome to Shinsundo Chi

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The_Shinsundo Chi Wellness Centre in Poundbury, Dorchester is a welcoming space dedicated to helping you to relax, de-stress and recharge. We have created this bright, clean and calming environment so that you too can experience the benefits of working with Chi (invisible life energy) and have an opportunity to discover how an Eastern understanding of the connections between human life and nature can support us to live in a brighter, more energised and positive world.

With a greater understanding of Chi and how it affects us daily, we can grow in confidence and ability to create the life we wish to live.


We offer Chi Energy Treatments to help you release stress, pain and fatigue.

We also run practical Chi courses to support you to regain brightness, clarity and vitality in yourself.  During these classes you can learn how to apply Shinsundo Chi principles and knowledge to enhance your daily life. You can choose from various one-to-one or small group Chi Energy sessions.

Our Chi Therapists tailor their recommendations to the individual and their circumstances. Each person’s situation is unique and our experienced Chi Practitioners can put together a personalised plan for you to support your individual concerns and personal goals.

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At a Distance Support

Our Chi Therapists are experienced in helping people living further afield using Skype or telephone.  This allows us to support you wherever you are, creating an energy connection from you at home to us at Shinsundo Chi.

We look forward to supporting you in bringing brighter energy into your life.