Chi Classes

Prior to joining a group class, it can prove beneficial but is not essential, to book a one-to-one Chi Class with one of our experienced Chi Practitioners who can then advise the most suitable class(es) depending on your personal goals, health and level of fitness. They will also have the time to explain in more detail the different elements of a class, answer any questions and help you to get a headstart so you can get the most out of your group Chi Classes from the very beginning.

We offer the following Chi Classes both as group or one-to-one sessions subject to availability and advance booking. Please get in touch for our uptodate timetable and current availability.

1) Traditional Chi Classes

image of an advanced Chi movementWe run a regular weekly timetable of one hour Chi Movement & Meditation Classes. These are the original Chi Classes which aim to re-align our energy antenna to tune to brighter and more peaceful energy levels, to open up and clear blocked energy channels and to recharge energy levels both physically and mentally. These movements can be modified according to an individual's capabilities as needed.

These sessions can also be joined via Skype or telephone as we have dedicated online resources available to support your progress.

2) Chi Flow Classes

This is a 45 minutes Chi session focusing on linking slow, flowing Chi movements together to harmonise, rebalance and open up your personal energy system. These movements are accessible to all ages regardless of fitness levels and are less physically demanding than the traditional Chi Classes but are also very rewarding and beneficial.

We recommend these Chi sessions for those wishing to learn how to move Chi following a continuously flowing sequence of movements. We usually finish with a 5-10 minutes Chi meditation to consolidate the benefits of the session. 

3) Chi Melodic Chanting Classes

We offer regular Chi Melodic Chanting sessions which last around 45 minutes to one hour including a short meditation at the end. These Chi sessions focus on how we use our voice and sound to move Chi. We become more aware of our breathing, the rhythm, melody and harmony of the chants and singing together in unison.There are no movements involved.

Chanting sessions can help you to calm your mental energy as well as open up your main energy centres so Chi can flow more freely and in balance throughout your body. Chanting for an extended period complements and enhances the benefits of the Traditional Movement Classes.