Chi Philosophy

Here at Shinsundo Chi, we believe that we each have personal responsibility for our life and the choices we make. However, it can be hard to change our life situation on our own. Our Chi Therapists aim to help you to break free of your recurring life patterns, enabling you to create greater beauty and brightness in this world, wherever you are.

By working together with the therapists at the Shinsundo Chi Wellness Centre, investing your time and effort in experiencing and understanding the effects of Chi, you can have the opportunity to change your life for the better and work towards a brighter future.

Advanced Chi Courses

In addition to Chi Treatments and Chi Classes, we also offer consultations and courses addressing the deeper philosophical aspects of the Shinsundo Chi methodology.

In-depth Chi Programmes are tailored to the individual and can help you to gain a greater understanding of the energetic influences on your daily life. These programmes aim to help you to address issues with historic and current energy influences and give you an insight into how Shinsundo Chi can help you to change recurring life patterns for yourself and those connected to you.

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